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Summer Coding Leadership Academy (SCLA)

An immersive 10-week Summer experience where young men of color develop as technology leaders. Inner city students partake in experiential learning, receive mentoring and instruction to develop Leadership Skills, Computer Science Skills, Design Thinking Skills, and Entrepreneurial/Project Management Skills.


This 4-week Fall course is designed to provide an introduction to the Python programming language and 2D gaming concepts. Core computer science concepts will be covered in this course. The Pygame module will be used in order teach fundamentals of 2D games.

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HustleN'Code Hackathon

TXT’s Hustle N’ Code Hackathon is an annual Winter event aimed at inspiring youth who live in public housing developments (i.e. “The Projects”) to address pressing issues in their communities using technology. Our hackthons are unique by bringing tech companies into historically marginalized communities like South LA.

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Our Spring Junior SCLA program is a spin-off of our Summer Coding Leadership Academy (SCLA). Jr. SCLA focuses specifically on middle school boys. For four weeks we teach middle school students leadership skills through the lens of a computer science program.

HustleN'Code School-based Partnerships

Bring TXT programs to your school community by establishing a HustleNCode partnership. This includes week to semester long courses tailored to schools and organizations who want to develop students interest in coding and computer science. Using technology as a vehicle to build a personal website, students are able to explore different themes like, social justice, college and career all while learning how to code. Program dates are flexible to fit school needs.

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