No Crumbs - Episode 03 - Fear

July 25, 2019

Fear can be managed, but we have to learn to recognize, understand, and build with it. We have to be willing to allow our inner courage to emerge and remind us that we are capable of dreaming big of having a No Crumbs mindset. Tune in and share this episode with those who you think would love and benefit from it.

No Crumbs - Episode 02 - Passion

June 29, 2019

`[Don't] trade your passion for glory`, heard this before? That's right, this came from Rocky, but more specifically it came from Survivor and is one of Oscar's well-known quotes. Are you following your passion? What about the money!? Why is finding our Passion important? These are some questions explored in this episode.

No Crumbs - Episode 01- Think Big! Introducing No Crumbs

June 17, 2019

A new partnership series with Teens Exploring Technology, TXT’s Founder and CEO, Oscar Menjivar. A series that will serve Latinos and Latinas seeking growth and an entrepreneurial adventure. “No Crumbs is about thinking Big”. Oscar’s message and goal are to change the status quo of the Latino/a Community. Our first episode will describe the concept of No Crumbs and introduce the series.