Demo Day 2019

Future of technology is created in the hands of your youth. 60+ Black & Latino Boys come together to showcase their Tech Startups.

Demo Day is TXT’s: Teens Exploring Technology Business & Science Fair. Our boys have an opportunity to pitch their tech startups to tech leaders like Google, Tinder and Snapchat. Augmented Reality (AR), Mobile Apps, and websites - Oh my! There's so much to see! Our boys will compete for a cash prize, public recognition, and a Silicon Valley trip. All of our apps will solve problems in the hood using tech. Interested to know more?

Please note that each registration is limited to 1 additional guest. That is a total of 2 per registration. Any additional guest will be charged an additional $25.00. Children under the age 7 will be treated as a guest. Please keep this in mind. We're excited to have you!

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