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What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business owned by nonprofit organizations, that are directly involved in the production and/or selling of goods and services for the blended purpose of generating income and achieving social, cultural, and/or environmental aims. Social enterprises are one more tool for nonprofits to use to meet their mission and contribute to their communities.


Why TXT?

TXT is an awardwinning program recognized by Google rise, which trains youth ages 12-19 in computer programming, troubleshooting, computer networks, and web/mobile development. Our primary objective is to improve the lives of inner city youth in South L.A. by teaching them technical coding skills and creating job opportunities. Secondly, we are now providing affordable rates to businesses for mobile development, web development, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) consulting. All profits go back into the South Los Angeles community and fund our Coding Leadership Academies


How do we do it?

By working with us you are providing 21st-century opportunities to at-risk youth. The young professionals have been trained for two-years and paired with tech gurus from companies like Google and Yahoo to produce high quality products.

We provide the following services:

  • Mobile and Web App Solutions
  • Computer Networks and Wi-Fi Solutions
  • Computer Lab Setup and Maintenance
  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • PC/Mac Support
  • STEM Consulting
  • Social Media Strategy



"One of our staff members recommended a friend who was doing a social enterprise model for websites and social media. That friend was Oscar Menjivar founder and president of TXT. He worked with us on the website and on a strategic plan to increase our social media footprint. Working with TXT really built our organizational capacity to effectively engage in social media platforms while at the same time we were able to support an organization’s mission which is complimentary to ours. "

-Isela Gracian, President of East LA Community Corporation

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