TxT Fellowship

Benefits of a Teens Exploring Technology (TXT) Fellow
As a TXT fellow, you will grow as an individual while inspiring the next generation of tech entrepreneurs to develop solutions for social problems in low-income communities. Through 3 months, you will develop skills that will advance your career in leadership, entrepreneurship, and professionalism by managing teen startups through coding, design thinking and the lean startup methodology.


Based on our budget and your performance in the 3 month commitment, you will receive a max stipend of $800, we do not promise this money. However, you will be able to meet with professionals from top tech companies and build your network

Leadership Development

TXT will challenge fellows on a daily basis to learn fast, set/execute goals, and mentor teens in the right direction which will ultimately sharpen their skills in the TXT culture and beyond.

Career Preparation

You will have the opportunity to learn directly from entrepreneurs on how they were able to grow their business, and you will be able to apply these techniques in the management of your own teen tech startup.

How to apply? (Ready to empower young men of color)

Email your cover letter and resume to Michael B. Morales at info@urbantxt.com or submit it through this website. Please address the following question: What inspires you and why? What makes you an ideal candidate to impact the lives of teens from South Central Los Angeles?