Turning Teens into Tech Entrepreneurs

Published on Sunday, May 25, 2014 - 22:08

URBAN Teens eXploring Technology (TxT) is the brainchild of Oscar Menjivar, a graduate of Jordan High School in Watts. He cites his mentor and extra-curricular activities as an important reason he was able to eventually get a Masters from Pepperdine University and escape the pitfalls, like gangs and unemployment, that often plague the young men of Los Angeles.

Founded in 2008, URBAN TxT is an innovative technology program which encourages young inner city teen males to become catalysts for change in their communities.
This highly effective program develops the next generation of technology entrepreneurs through leadership, coding, and digital media.

Three weeks ago, they started our summer programming leadership academy, which they call the Hackaneer Experience. This year they had 150 students apply to their program, compared to 40 in 2012. Operating in a tight budget, they were only able to accept 31 teens, yet students continue making progress in growing as leaders and developers. 

Over the past three weeks they've been working on leadership and team development. Whether it's crossing an imaginary 40 yard lava field where the group had to plan and analyze how to get everyone across given certain obstacles, or coding up a website in 30 minutes or less, they continuously challenge the students' attitudes towards learning by setting high expectations. 

Through their unique curriculum and dedicated coaching staff, the teens are learning the core elements of being a successful tech leader with or without technology, empowering them to create web and mobile based products that address community needs. The teens will soon learn languages like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and PHP, along with social media and design, and business development. 

The program is free to students and their families, yet the cost of putting one student through the program is over $1,000. Please help URBAN TxT create more tech entrepreneurs by donating TODAY!