The Cube



TXT (Teens Exploring Technology), formerly known as URBAN TxT, has opened their own innovation space, The Cube. The purpose of The Cube is to provide services, resources, and guidance to the local community who want to explore technology as a vehicle of creativity and socio economic empowerment. Community members will be able to develop skills in computer programming, user design, web development, Robotics, Tech Start-ups, and Design thinking. The Cube is a space where people meet and bring their own devices to learn and innovate together. The Cube is where ideas in South Central Los Angeles become real.


We believe our community is full of potential and talent to be part of the 21st century technological revolution; they simply need a haven where resources to access innovative thinking is allowed, encouraged, and fostered. The organization has an amazing track record of 100% of our students graduating from High School, 95% attending an institution of higher learning, 75% majoring in STEM majors and a 100% program retention rate. Now we want to give all community members an opportunity to excel together.


We believe that access to technology should be available to everyone, including communities low on the socio-economic ladder. We are hollering at all tech social entrepreneurs, hackers, artists, educators, activists, innovators and anyone who is hungry to change the inner city, so join us ASAP. Together at The Cube we can develop a culture of excellence, innovation, collaboration, and resilience to make social impact in disenfranchised communities. Technology is the equalizer of the 21st Century and therefore we are committed to nurturing and fostering futuristic leaders.



The Cube Hours:

Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.



3655 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Be Part of Innovation!