The Voice of a TxTer

Submitted by Aonya McCruiston on Friday May 27, 2016

One of our seniors, Cesar Alvarenga who will be attending UC Irvine in the fall majoring in Computer Engineering, shared his experience about TXT and his current attitude about pursuing college.

Why did you join TXT?

"My brother motivated me through his character development and I wanted the same for myself."

What kind of growth have you seen in TXT?

“I’ve seen a growth in the number of staff, space and resources. The growth in the number of staff reflects a growth in the network for us TXT’ers and to fulfill demand for the number of students the program is serving. We now have a larger hacker space known as “The Cube” that includes more tablets and desktops. With more equipment, it gives others who visit the cube the opportunity to learn and work on code. Every year TXT makes it easier for students to learn on their own and learn about the significance and applications of technology.”

How do you want TXT to expand?

"BIGGER! I want to see more people in the program and for it to have the funds to serve more kids from the community."

Best memory from the program?

“The all nighter Hackathon at the Atom Factory is my best memory from the program. I really enjoyed coming together as a group and working all night coding and designing a project. It was great a experience because it challenged my understanding of group dynamics and time management. Even though I didn't get any sleep that night, it was one of the nights where I've felt the most accomplished. I worked from 8pm-10am. What made it fun was being surrounded by people who are also shared the same interests. Having a team there to back me up pushed me to accomplish my part of the project and bond with others.”

How has every year been different for you?

“The first year I was a developer, I learned coding skills such as HTML and CSS and at an accelerated pace. It taught me how to set goals and how not to procrastinate. 

As a second year, I was a product manager, which allowed me to build my people skills and learn how to research. It was amazing to assist the community by making an app and see how data can be a useful in improving a product.”

How do you feel about attending the college you have chosen?

"Excited! At first, I was really nervous and afraid. I thought I wasn't even going to get into one college. When I got my acceptance letter to UC Irvine, I was extremely excited and nervous at the same time because this would be my first time living away from home. However, I feel confident because I can count on my TXT cohort and staff for support while I am at Irvine majoring in computer engineering. I plan on coming back to the Cube throughout my first year to share my experience at Irvine to all those in the TXT program."