TXT Hackathon: Hustle and Code “Innovating Together” - Saturday, December 12, 2015

Submitted by Oscar Menjivar on Wednesday October 21, 2015

Los Angeles, we’re back at it again with “Hustle and Code: Innovating Together”, a Hackathon that will serve more than 100 technologically under resourced children and youth (ages 8-17 years old) from Housing Development communities in El Pueblos Community Housing Development (Compton and 51st street).

As with our previous, inaugural “Hustle and Code” Hackathon  – hosted at the Jordan Downs Housing Community, where over 80 children and youth were served – we want to show, together with our volunteers and sponsors, that children from our community - including highly marginalized students in housing development areas - are as capable of thriving in startup environments as anyone else, anywhere else.

“Hustle and Code: Innovating Together” will take place on Saturday, December 12; commencing at 9am and ending at 6pm. We at TXT believe that South LA has the capacity to be the world’s next great tech haven, with an abundance of ideas, talent and potential waiting to be unearthed in the minds of the youth that live here. Google, Yahoo and Media Temple have already given their pledge of confidence in our youth being tomorrow’s leaders in tech with their sponsorship of “Hustle and Code: Innovating Together”.

Hustle and Code will feature opening remarks from TXT founder and Executive Director Oscar Menjivar and District 9 City Councilman Curren Price. The day will be packed with product ideation, coding, mentorship (on the part of our many volunteers), prize giveaways, free food and fun.

We look forward to innovating together with you and to hosting another successful where our youth can inspire one another and showcase their capabilities. #HustleNCode

*Interested in volunteering for Hustle and Code: Innovating Together (or in general)? Please fill out our form, indicating your level of interest:http://exploringtech.org/get-involved/volunteer

*If you are interested in having your company be a sponsor Hustle and Code: Innovating Together, please email info@urbantxt.com !