Lupe Fiasco Visits the Cube and Announces Neighborhood Start Fund

Submitted by Aonya McCruiston on Friday June 17, 2016

Neighborhood Start Fund at the CubeRapper Lupe Fiasco and Waze executive Di-Ann Eisnor toured the Cube. They heard from TxTers about group projects, learning at TxT, and competing at Demo Day. TxTers also shared their ideas for new companies and asked thoughtful questions. Fiasco and Eisnor said they were very impressed with the knowledge and passion of our TxTers.

Lupe Fiasco and Di-Ann Eisnor came to South Central talk about Neighborhood Start Fund, their brand new competition for startups in low-income communities. During the competition, people can submit any idea they want, no prototype necessary! If your company is chosen as the best of the best, you receive a mentor and assistance to build the first prototype of your product.

Lupe Fiasco and Di-Ann EisnorWhen TxT alum Maliik Cleveland dropped by the Cube, he said, “It was surprising to see Lupe Fiasco at the Cube, but it was even more surprising to find out that he is investing in the community. I'm glad to see someone in his position is reaching back and showing kids from our communities that their ideas are worthy of investment.”

Neighborhood Start Fund launched early this year with 200 submissions and three winning projects in Brownsville, New York. This week, they expanded to South Central and seven other neighborhoods in search of great, scalable ideas that can uplift communities across the country. We are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with both founders. It is awesome to see that they are the first to start investing in inner-city startups in a very aggressive way. We know that, together, we can see the first big startup come out of South Central Los Angeles and make a long lasting impact in our community.  They hope to prove that huge, disruptive businesses can come from underserved neighborhoods. We can’t wait to see what kind of projects are submitted in South Central’s competition, and we look forward to winners coming from TXT!

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