Oscar Menjivar

Oscar Menjivar is a social entrepreneur, leading and developing new programs for low-income communities in Los Angeles. Oscar is a dedicated individual and devotes much of this time to bettering his community. Oscar founded TXT: Teens Exploring Technology, a nonprofit organization that provides a program to help inner-city youth develop leadership, coding, and entrepreneurial skills through the use of technology. 
TXT is revolutionizing the way teens use and learn about technology in the inner city. In 2016, Oscar Menjivar presented at the White House's South By South Lawn event, earning recognition from President Obama. He was also a featured presenter at the 2017 SXSWedu Festival.
As a young man, Oscar was intrigued by computers and decided to attend a magnet high school for its technology program. However, to his surprise, not much technology existed on campus in 1996, and the most effective organizations in recruiting young men were gangs. Oscar saw one of his best friends fall victim to gangs and pledged that he would help create a program that would inspire at-risk youth to become leaders that impact their communities in a positive way. His experiences inspired him to start TXT in 2009.
Oscar received his Master’s degree from Pepperdine in Learning Technology and his Bachelor’s in Science in Computer Information Systems. He formerly served as Educational Technology Consultant for The Riordan Foundation (TRF). At TRF, he advised school executives on how to implement technology in the classroom and developed technology curriculum for Green Dot Animo Pat Brown High School. He also served as a multimedia arts and leadership consultant for the USC Upward Bound Math/Science Program. During his tenure at USC, he successfully implemented a leadership and digital arts course for youth in Los Angeles. The digital arts course produced winners for international and national website competitions. 
Oscar has run a successful consulting business for over four years. He worked as a technology consultant for Small Businesses in the Los Angeles County. As a small business consultant, Oscar guided over 100 small business owners with business planning and budgeting. In 2004, Oscar joined the Long Beach YMCA Youth Institute as Multimedia Technology Program Coordinator. Oscar learned how to start and run a successful social enterprise at the Youth Institute.