Andrew Le

Andrew Le grew up in El Sereno, a small town in East Los Angeles. Although he is of Asian heritage, he grew up immersed in the Latino community.
Andrew graduated from the University of California Irvine with a degree in Software Engineering. Going into college, he did not know much about the field of computer science. The more he learned, however, the more he began to fall in love with coding. He loved the idea of being able to create anything the mind can design with just the power of a computer. His experience was not always positive, however; most of the students that Andrew was competing with in college had already been exposed to computer science, and they had the resources to excel. Despite being at a major disadvantage, however, he persisted and thrived.
After discovering TXT, Andrew knew that he found an organization where he could make an impact on his community. With his passion for the field, Andrew hopes to help introduce computer science and programming to low-income students, eventually paving the way for careers in STEM.