Organization Experience and Background

Teens Exploring Technology (TXT), formerly known as URBAN TxT, has encouraged innercity teens ages 1217 to become catalysts of change in their communities since 2009. We believe that access to technology should be available to everyone, including communities low on the socio-economic ladder. Through our curriculum, we develop a culture of innovation, collaboration, and strong academics among our teens. Technology is the equalizer of the 21st Century and therefore we are committed to nurturing our future leaders. The organization has an unbelievable track record of 100% of our students graduating from high school, 95% attending an institution of higher learning, 75% majoring in STEM majors and a 100% program retention rate.

TXT strives to create a culture of innovative leaders in South Los Angeles, where access to technology is extremely limited. For the past three years, we have been developing a community of technology pioneers who are addressing social issues through the creation and use of technology. We have been successful at bringing together middle schools, high schools, churches, tech startups and universities to help us develop a strong community of collaborative innovation.